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Ninja Party Piñata –

Ninja Party Piñata -

My art – enJOY!

Hi! Check out my art website: Everything is available for sale.Image

My art

Hi! Check out my art website: Everything is available for sale!


Parenting magazine is looking for craft ideas

Hey crafters!

Parenting magazine is looking for fun, modern kid crafts to feature in our Halloween and Christmas issues. Got a never-been-published, original holiday craft? We want to see it! Send a snapshot of it to If your craft is selected, we’ll print it in the magazine and give you and your blog (if you have one) credit. Be sure to include your name, hometown and phone number in your e-mail to us so we can contact you about the instructions. The deadline is May 2nd.

I start my dream job tomorrow …

As a Lifestyle Editor with Parenting magazine. With that said, my blog posts will probably slow down a bit, but do not fear, I will add new posts as much as possible.

Wish me luck!

Retro graphic wallpaper and murals …


My parents often say that I was born in the wrong era. I agree – I’m a 60’s/70’s hippie girl all the way. I love the bold, fun colors and the sense of freedom that those decades (and these walls) personify. My ultimate style is a combo of the mid-century modern vibe with a touch of 60’s and 70’s retro boldness.

How would you describe your design style?

It’s official: I’m a soccer mom …


For the next few weekends, I’m going to be spending every Saturday morning at the soccer field.

Kai’s preschool league is just four teams, where the coaches are on the field and there are no goalies.

Kai loves it. In fact, he’s the team superstar. This weekend, he scored seven goals and last weekend he scored six goals. He rocks. The first game the coach sat him out to give the other kids a chance to score.

Here are some pics of his game this weekend – they spelled his name wrong on the jersey – they are fixing it for this weekend.

They spelled his name wrong. We're getting a new jersey next week! 🙂

7 goals!

The many looks of Lady Gaga (promise – no meat dress pictures shown)…


Hey guys, sorry, I’ve been busy all week and haven’t been able to post. I’m super busy today too … but I did want to post something. So, here it goes …

I love Lady Gaga’s style. Her music – sometimes isn’t my favorite – it’s a bit to poppy. But her looks – love them. Their creative, thought-provoking and inspiring. I’d love to wear some of them – except, where would I wear them? Kai’s soccer game tomorrow? Prob not. ha!

Do you like her? Do you like her style? Do you like her music?

The importance of play-dates …


(I didn’t take pics this weekend and of his play-dates, but so, I hope you enjoy this one of him taken at the beach a few weeks ago.)

This weekend, Kai had two play-dates – one with his life-long friend Charlie and one with his school friend Tyler. This is the first time Tyler’s mom and I set up a play-date together and I’m so glad we did.

To help build the boys’ confidence at school, both Tyler’s mom and I thought it be a good idea to get them together. If you build bonds outside of school, then the school experience can only enhance. The kids hopefully will then want to go to school – and if they want to go to school then they will be more likely perform better. It means a lot to me for Kai to enjoy school so he can succeed. Sure, some may call me a helicopter mom, but I really believe it’s important to think about these things, especially at an early age because this is when the foundation begins.