She steals seashells …

It was synchronistic how this project began. I had been daydreaming about how I could use capriz shells in an art project for my home and actually Googled them to see how much individual shells cost (quite cheap actually). I’ve always been crazy about the chic cascading capriz shell chandeliers that shimmer with a frosty hue, but never wanted to shell out the cash for one. Later that day, I happened upon a Home Miami magazine that was on a friend’s desk and opened it with the intent of finding inspiration. I turned a few pages and then I saw it: an ad featuring a lobby of some sort with a similar design, albeit much larger and with different colors. In my “A ha!” moment, I ripped the page out and smugly stuffed it in my pocket.

I purchased 100 2” capriz shells that already had two holes drilled on opposite ends for about $25 online. I then painted a third of them with unique abstract designs. I wanted to leave a majority of them natural so they sparkled in the light. After they dried, which was surprisingly quick, I dutifully strung each one individually with a thin piece of white string in 10 rows of 10. In the future, I’d like to add more depth to it by hanging another layer above and in between the rows.

This is one of my favorite and easiest art pieces and I’ve received so many compliments on it. Feel free to steal the idea. I have no shame admitting that I did.

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12 responses to “She steals seashells …

  1. Yeah, I really want to steal this idea from you but modify it. I was thinking layers possibly but need your advice.

    **great header by the way!

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  7. I LOVE this idea. We need a big piece of art for above the big empty our bed but they’re so expensive. This project would be perfect for the coastal, sea inspired but not overtly beachy feel we’re going for and the $25 price tag is perfect.

    I am artistically challenged and extremely not crafty so I would really appreciate some more details on how you pulled this off. Like, what kind of paint did you use on the shells? Did you buy any particular kind of string/where did you get the string? And when you strung them, did you tie knots or anything to make them stay in place?

    • You can make this as big as you want!! Try it. It’s so easy!

    • Sorry, I didn’t read your full comment.

      I used acrylic paint and used white string from Home Depot. It was thin string. I tied a simple shoe lace knot to hold them in place.

      It was so easy make. I just painted random designs on only 1/3 of them.

      The most time consuming part was stringing them. I did each one individually because otherwise you could see the sting behind the shells bc they are somewhat see-through.

      please let me know if you need anymore help!

  8. so pretty! Love the creativity!

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