It’s a sign …

Bright tomato reds, vibrant pepper oranges and yellows, rich broccoli greens – I love when gardens explode with rainbows of color. Unfortunately, during this winter’s harsh freeze, many of my veggies soaked in the sun’s rays for their last time and the garden’s once vivacious hue dissolved into a bleak and barren brown.

To combat our garden’s winter starkness, Kai and I created colorful signs to plant in our garden with playful sayings like, “let the sunshine in,” “pray for rain” and “plant a smooch on me.”

We used the extra pieces of wood that we had in the garage for the signs and complimentary thick, extra large paint stirrers from the hardware store for the sticks. Kai, who loves to paint, was in charge of the sign’s sticks and background color, while I painted the words.

Whatchya think?


2 responses to “It’s a sign …

  1. These rock. Great positive energy for the planties. 🙂

  2. These are great! Colorful, fun, and full of postive energy (exactly what you want around the food that goes in your system).

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