Super Nanny to the rescue …

Lately Kai has been acting like a full-fledged three-year-old. He doesn’t use his listening ears, hits (me!) and runs away after I place him in time out.

My friend Vicky recently implemented a pirate-themed reward chart from in her home and raved how her four-year-old son, Charlie, has been responding. She and Charlie colored it together and posted it on a wall. She loved it because when Charlie does something good you move the pirate on up, if he does something naughty the pirate moves down and when the pirate reaches 10, Charlie receives a reward. This way Charlie can visually understand the consequences of his actions.

The other day Kai was acting up and I told my husband, Alex, about to the chart idea. Alex loved it. He immediately ripped out a piece of paper out of our art pad and scribbled “naughty” on the bottom and “good” on the top and the numbers one through 10. We attached it to the fridge and used a magnet as the marker.

Instantly Kai was enthralled with the makeshift chart as I explained the rules to him. Right away Kai performed a few good deeds, like bringing me the dirty dinner plates and he earned a couple of points. Just after about 10 minutes though, he lost the points by kicking me and moved down to “naughty” again – yes a tantrum occurred. The next day, however, he was in a better mood, picked up all of his toys, dressed himself and made it all the way up to 10. His reward: a soy ice cream sandwich (shown above) and a movie.

Last night, we all worked on a nicer chart. Maybe Kai will reach 10 tonight, then again, maybe not.

Is he predicting that this is where he's going to stay most of the time?


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