Minty fresh …

Growing up, I was a Girl Scout for five years. My mom was a Girl Scout before me and my grandma was her troop leader. I loved scouting – the camping trips, the songs and of course, the cookies – especially Thin Mints.

This last weekend, Kai and I ran into the grocery store to grab a few things. On our way out, I saw my trusty scout sisters dutifully selling their tasty cookies. I remember way back when my friends and I asked passersbys, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”  This time, when they asked me, my heart melted and my mouth began to water. “We’ll take a box of Thin Mints, please.”

I gave Kai the money and he gave it to the little girl. She handed him the box. “Cookies?!” he exclaimed salivating.

Last night after his bath, Kai asked if he could have a “girl cookie.” I pulled them out of the freezer (they are so yummy frozen) and gave us each one.

Mmmmmm …


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