Our weekly ritual …

You either love Survivor or you hate it. Alex and I love it. For the past 20 seasons – a.k.a 10 years! – every Thursday night, we go through the same routine: I say, “Hey, Alex, guess what’s on tonight.” His response is always and seriously, “Survivor?”

Come 8:00, however, we are cuddling on the couch under blankets and hanging on every word the tribe members say. Lately, Kai has watching with us. But unlike Alex and me, he talks incessantly throughout the whole program asking his favorite question, “Why?” about everything. “Why are they running on the beach?” “Why are they building a fire?” “Why are they sleeping in the rain?” “Why is it raining?” I often “shhh” him (the only time I ever do) and try to answer all of his questions during the commercial breaks.

This season, my favorite cast member is Boston Rob. I want to like Rupert, but the show’s editing isn’t really drawing me into him. Maybe they’ll focus more on him later in the show after the merge and my heart will be his again.

Who is your fave this season?

** For those die hard fans, like me, you may want to check out Jeff Probst’s blog, where he recaps the latest episode from his point of view: http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/03/05/jeff-probst-blogs-survivor-heroes-vs-villains-episode-4/


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