Let there be light …

A couple of years ago, my mom scored this chandelier (then brass in color) from a garage sale for $10 and then saved it in her storage unit for some unforeseen future use. Fast forward to last year: Alex and I were house hunting and with each house (four in total, I think) put an offer on, I mentally began to decorate it. I really wanted a retro and funky crystal chandelier for my guestroom.

One day, we were in the storage unit looking for something and I saw the chandelier. “Can I have that?” I asked. “Yes! Your dad wants me to get it out of here,” my mom said.

On first thought, I wanted it to be a hot pink or orange, but Alex vetoed my eccentric taste. Instead, we agreed on a green. After a wiping away the dust and scouring it with a steel wool brush, my dad painted it for me. It looked amazing.

A few months later, when we finally bought our dream house, I decided I wanted an all white dining room and that the chandelier would look perfect in there. My dad devotedly repainted it white and even hung it up for me. (Thanks, Dad, I love it and I love you!)

Check it out. I would show you the entire room, but it’s not yet complete. I’m still on the hunt for an all white, preferably midcentury modern, dining table.


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