Yo ho, yo ho (and a rum and Diet Coke for Mommy) …


It’s a pirate’s life for Kai – from his birthday cake to his weekly sword fights with his grandpa. To help feed his buccaneer mania, we made little pirate puppets recently to mimic the little pirate gingerbread men in Kai’s favorite book, The Gingerbread Pirates, by Kristen Kladstrup (ps. When you have a three-year-old a book’s seasonality doesn’t matter.)

We used toothpicks for peg legs, popsicle sticks as the swords, pipe cleaners for the hooks and googley eyes for, well, the eyes. Kai had a blast making these, except when he realized he couldn’t eat them.

How to make gingerbread pirate puppets:

You’ll need:
construction paper
popsicle sticks
pipe cleaners
googley eyes
gingerbread man cookie cutter
hole puncher
pirate flag (optional)

1. Trace your gingerbread man cookie cutter.
2. Cut him out.
3. Decorate: tape toothpicks on the back for peg legs, paste hole-punched circles, cut out little shorts and belts and paste them on.

Voila! Your very own gingerbread pirate! Argh!


2 responses to “Yo ho, yo ho (and a rum and Diet Coke for Mommy) …

  1. This is super cute! We JUST read this book for this first time last night! My son Jack would clearly have MUCH in common with Kai. His 4th birthday party is this weekend and we are doing a pirate theme.

    I was googling for pirate cookie cutters like the book- am hoping I have some luck- was thinking an upside down bell might work for the captains hat!

    Cute blog – Ill for sure stop back!

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