5 tips to help your child to eat healthy …


Last Friday night, I happened upon the new TV show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which is about a British chef teaching American children how to eat better. Something our country desperately needs. What amazed and saddened me was how many kids he talked to didn’t even know the names of common fruit and veggies.

Eating healthy is a priority in our house. Luckily Kai is a good eater, but in actuality, we don’t really give him any other choice. Here is how we did it:

1. Have fruits and veggies accessible. Since Kai was a baby, we’ve offer a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Also, Kai knows he can go in the refrigerator at any time to snack on them. I often catch Kai playing with a bag half full of carrots sitting beside him.
2. Lead by example. He sees Alex and I eating all different types of food. Since children are mimickers, it is only natural that he eats the foods that Alex and I eat.
3. Try, try again. If he says he doesn’t like a food, I don’t fuss. Although I always put some on his plate the next time I make it. Often times, he’ll eat it and enjoy it the second time around.
4. Cook together. I have Kai cook with me. Something he absolutely loves. If he takes part in the process of preparing the food, he’ll be more inclined to eat it. Kai also participates in a cooking class at his montessori school. It’s the highlight of his week.
5. Involve them. We grow our own food in our garden. He’s involved in the entire process – from picking out the seeds, to planting, watering and even harvesting the crops.

This weekend, Kai and I cooked a lot. We made another quiche, baked apples, dehydrated some fruit, (spoiler alert for Wednesday’s post) prepared a raw food meal, and made these yummy cream cheese, chive, tomato poppers.

Tomato popper recipe:

Cut the top of the cherry tomato off.
Scoop the inside out.
Stuff the tomato with cream cheese mixed with chives.
Put the top back on the tomato.
(Now is your turn to share your tips. How do you break a co-sleeper from this habit and encourage him to sleep on his own?)


9 responses to “5 tips to help your child to eat healthy …

  1. Lindsey Atkinson

    Just this weekend I watched a few episodes of Jaime’s show. I was also amazed that the kids didn’t know the names of common fruits and veggies. However, I did appreciate the fact that one of the teachers took some initiative remedy the problem.

    Oh and the tomato poppers look delicious! I think I will try those for an appetizer at my weekly dinner party.

  2. I thought it was great that the teacher did that too.

    And the poppers are yummy! Try them!

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