10 reasons why I love Washington D.C. …


Travel Log: Washington D.C., May 2006

This was my and Alex’s last weekend getaway before I was too pregnant to travel. We found a great deal on a flight and boarded with just backpack for each of us. This was the lightest that we ever traveled. It’s amazing to take a trip without the hassle of luggage.

We walked the entire city and, even though I was seven months pregnant, I wasn’t fatigued. For me, D.C. is exploding with an energy that you don’t feel in other cities.

10 reasons why I love Washington D.C.:

1. The white mammoth architecture
2. Rich history, exploding with Freemason lore. (Yes, I read Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol and LOVED it.)
3. The Smithsonian – the Natural History Museum is my fave, especially the meteorite collection. Wow! Chills run up my arms as I think about it. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a space nerd.)
4. The city’s spirit – what accomplished here everyday really is inspiring – and yes I am an idealist.
5. America’s historical artifacts – I love that you can actually see the suit Abraham Lincoln was wearing when he was shot. You can find it in Ford’s Theatre. Eerie, but awesome.
6. The zoo – more specifically – the pandas!
7. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I teared up when I read it (then again, I cry watching Publix commercials too).
8. The White House. One of my dreams is to take a tour of it and give Michelle a fist bump as I walk pass her. I’d also like to see Lincoln’s ghost.
9. The Capitol Building. I was able to visit for the first this January. The rotunda is spectacular.
10. The cafeteria at the National Museum of the American Indian. It offers native foods found throughout the Americas, such as Northern Woodlands, South America, the Northwest Coast, Mesoamerica, and the Great Plains. Each food station features cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavors found in both traditional and contemporary dishes. When Alex and I were there, Rachael Ray was actually filming a show about the museum’s food. We ate salmon from the Northwest Coast. It was divine.

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