So fresh and so clean, clean …


Last week, while Kai was at my parents’ house for Spring Break, I decided to paint the kitchen and back hallway – something I longed to do since we moved into the house last year.

Originally the kitchen was a muted country yellow, which didn’t mesh well with my modern tastes. I decided to go two shades lighter than my gray living room and dining rooms wall with the Sherwin Williams’ color: Edier White. Once completed, it gave the kitchen and hallway a fresh, clean look, which is hard to achieve especially when you have a mischievous three-year-old boy running around.

And a Kelly loves blog isn’t complete without the eco factor. So here it is … drum roll, please … We used zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds), water-based paint. VOCs – you know, that nasty paint, new carpet, new mattress smells – can have an adverse long term effect when it comes to the environment and human health, especially when breathed in. For about $15 more per can, we didn’t add extra chemicals to our indoor air. Love it!

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