Our edible garden …


Kelly, Kelly, how does your garden grow?

Well, check out my garden’s inventory and see for yourself …

1. Artichokes – They are still tiny sprouts and have a long way to go.
2. Basil – I have a lot of little plants growing.
3. Blackberries – The plant as some flowers on it. I hope it produces some fruit soon (and that we get it before the birds do).
4. Blueberries – They are almost blue! In the next week or so, I think they’ll be ripe enough to eat. I can’t wait!
5. Broccoli – This veggie’s season is coming to an end. The plants keep producing, but they flower quickly and aren’t as sweet or as full as they were a few months ago. Although, I don’t want the veggie to go to waste, so we nibble on them every time we’re outside.
6. Brussel sprouts – We only have one plant that has produced brussels and they are very small. I think it’s time to harvest them. I love how they grow right on the plants stalk. Maybe we’ll eat them tonight or tomorrow night.
7. Cauliflower – A disappointment. They didn’t produce anything. This is on my Not To Do list for next year.
8. Chamomile – It’s not heat resistant so it’s going to die soon in the next few months. I need to research how to make tea out of it now without the flowers.
9. Chocolate mint – It’s an invasive Florida plant, so I have to keep my eye on it, but it’s spreading out and tastes heavenly.
10. Cilantro – It died. Oh well.
11. Leeks – They just look like thin strands of grass right now. They take a few months to grow nice and big.
12. Peas – These germinated and popped up out of the ground so quickly! I created a structure out of stakes and twine for the vines to attach and grow. They are already flowering, so I think they may produce some peas soon. Kai is really going to dig grazing on these.
13. Peppers – I just planted them on Easter day. They are looking good so far.
14. Tomatoes – We have both cherry and big boys. The cherry tomatoes grow and ripen fast. We collected a huge bowl full the other day. I have to keep reminding Kai though – only pick them when they are red – not orange. His impatience is a struggle for him and sometimes he does it anyway to his great disappointment.

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