Wedding crasher …


Last weekend, I crashed my first wedding. Dressed in a cute cocktail dress and bronze dancing shoes, I swaggered into the country club’s reception hall, making confident eye contact with the other guests. It was Marla and Mike’s wedding (I read their names on a sign in the entryway) and I had to look as if I belonged.

It wasn’t a total crash, I admit. I was technically invited … but not by the bride and groom or any of the guests. The wedding designer and my bff Jessica invited me to show off her fancy work. Purple and white wild flowers were arranged in mason jars and galvanized buckets through the reception. White flickering candles were displayed in the club’s two fireplaces. Funky old windows showcased the handwritten seating arrangements. Best of all, there was an extra photographer who took funny pictures of all of the guests with silly props. It added a comical energy to the party. Revitalize Events (Jessica and my other friend Ami’s business) did a great job – don’t you think? Check out the photos below …


One response to “Wedding crasher …

  1. It was so awesome to have you there!! Thanks for visiting my world. 🙂

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