Florida spring hopping getaway …


TRAVEL LOG: Spring hopping across North Florida, Hart Spring, Convict Spring, Troy Spring, Peacock Spring, May 27, 2006

Since today is Earth Day (yay!), I wanted to share with you the one place on the planet that I call my happy spot – a Florida spring. In fact, during my 36-hour labor with Kai – this is where I went so I wouldn’t feel the pain.

For years, Alex and I spent every weekend exploring the state’s springs We’d snorkel and swim in the cool and invigorating 72-degree water, which energized and rejuvenated my soul. Plus my skin smelled so good afterward. (There are over 700 Florida springs and I think we swam in 32 of them so far. Where’s my wetsuit? I have 668 left to go.)

When I was seven or eight months pregnant, I needed to cool off from the intense Florida summer heat. So we decided to drive a few hours north, where a majority of Florida’s springs are found, and discover four more.

1. Hart Spring – It seemed pretty popular and crowded. Lots of splashing kids.
2. Convict Spring – Privately owned. We stumbled upon this spring, which was perfect because the owners also ran a motel, cabin and campground. This is where we stayed overnight. No, it wasn’t the Ritz, but in the middle of the country, it worked.
3. Troy Spring – This was a very large and deep spring. Alex snorkeled around, but because I was winded easily due to my every growing belly, I stayed closer to the rocks and stairs.
4. Peacock Spring – One of our favorite springs. We were practically alone, except for a nearby alligator, but we went into the water anyway. Daring each other to jump in and jump right back out, laughing the entire time.

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