Funky dinnerware that is sure to please …


I’m on a mission to find new dinnerware. Currently, we embarrassingly use Christmas dishes (which have been in our cabinets for the past six years. Ha!). Although the dishes are cute with simple trees on them and aren’t in-your-face Christmas, they still evoke holiday cheer. Bah humbug, it’s April!

The reason why we haven’t bought any, and don’t think that I haven’t tried, is because of my spectacular, yet enormously-picky husband, Alex. He likes lightweight dishes, nothing too clucky or square. Most importantly, which I agree with, they should be made of non-toxic materials that we can microwave without having chemicals leeching in our food. Unfortunately, we have yet to agree on one that matches both of our tastes. My requirements are easy: esthetically pleasing and like I mentioned above chemical-free and preferably, if possible, made from a sustainable material like bamboo.

With all this said, I found some cute and funky dishes that are possibilities (in the esthetic department), but they need to go through Alex’s intense scrutiny first. 😛 I just hope it doesn’t take another six years for him to decide.

Which one is your fave?

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3 responses to “Funky dinnerware that is sure to please …

  1. 1. I think you should keep the Christmas dishes!! I love them!

    2. If not – my favs are the cartoon bubbles or the one with the birdie. 🙂 It reminds me of your bad ass guest room design!


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  3. I know this post is SO old but can you tell me where you found those bird plates and all the other ones? I’m googling cool dinnerware because I’m going to change mine but i am just getting results from macys.. overstock.. jcpenney.. etc and everything is “standard” and boring. Thanks!

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