Our Costa Rica adventure, part uno …


Travel log: Tamarindo, Costa Rica, October 2005, part one

My first true family vacation in Lord knows how many years, the five of us (my two bros, mom, dad and me), plus the newbie to the gang, my hubbie Alex, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Ricky, Grandma and Grandpa ventured down to Costa Rica searching for adventure – and, boy, did we find some (more on that next week).

Because there are so many great photos from this vacay, I’m splitting this post into two parts.

Part one …

1. We flew down to the Costa Rica in first class. Did I mention that we are high rollers, baby? (Nah, my dad knows people.)
2. We took a sunset cruise and snorkeled in the Pacific. It was like I was in the movie Finding Nemo, there were so many colorful fish and even a blowfish. The current was so strong though we had to be careful not to crash into rocks. One of the highlights, Bobby caught a mackerel. Personally, I don’t enjoy fishing. I stress – those poor fishies!
3. We explored and relaxed on the lush, rocky beaches.

Stay tuned for part two of our Costa Rican adventure next Thursday … (Spoiler alert! … more beaches, zip lining and four wheeling on a mountain cliff … )

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