10 Random things about me …


1. I’m a space cadet. Saturn’s rings excite me. I’m intrigued with the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. I drool over the images taken by the Hubble Telescope. Butterflies flitter in my stomach and my mind wanders with all of the endless possibilities each time I see the shuttle launch. (I love that I can see it from my house.) Growing up, my favorite book growing up was an outdated National Geographic tome about the planets. In college, I was the VP of the University of Central Florida Astronomical Society and I even took an advanced astronomy course at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. I wanted to be an astronomer, but I don’t understand upper level calculus. Bummer.

2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I didn’t even have to google this to see how it’s spelled. In the late-90’s, I played Mary Poppins at Disney World for a few years. I loved it. It was such a great outlet for me because I learned to be outgoing, do my make up, speak in a British accent (unfortunately, I’m not nearly as good as I used to be) and even a few dance moves. I also dressed up as Pluto, Buzz Lightyear (only once, I was too small for the costume and it hurt), Eeyore, Briar Fox, Mr. Smee, Prince John, Friar Tuck, an Ostrich in the Spectro-Magic parade and lots more. I even met my husband, Alex, (he skateboarded in the parades) there too!

3. Ashtanga Yoga. It makes me feel alive. I wish I could practice five days a week. But I’m grateful for the one hour I practice now.

4. Earth Sister. I recently read an old diary of mine from the seventh grade that said, “I think I want to become an environmentalist.” I remember being inspired from a pamphlet about global warming. Twenty years later: Here I am, hybrid and all! (Although, Alex drives it. But I do bring canvas bags to the grocery store.)

5. Mad about mid century modern. The lines, the curves, the colors, the architecture, the shapes, the furniture, and the idealistic views of the future – it’s all fantastic and inspiring.

6. Writing. It’s my first love. I remember sitting on some steps outside of my house when I was in kindergarten pretending to be a journalist. Fast forward to today: I’m an editor by trade and have worked for Florida Travel + Life and Garden Design magazines. Fingers crossed that I’ll be writing for another magazine soon. (Come on advertisers; start buying ads again, please!) It’s my passion.

7. Back to the Future. It’s one of my all-time fave movies. My brothers and I still quote the movie all the time. The sequels are pretty good too.

8. Here comes the sun. I love the Beatles – I can listen to them on Pandora all day, every day and be happy. I’ve seen Paul in concert a few years ago and he was amazing, but I would love to have been alive during Beatle-mania. I mean, I loved New Kids on the Block growing up, but … it’s not even comparable – so why am I?

9. Popcorn. I love it. Buttered, caramel, kettle – it’s all good.

10. My many wishes: Kai would brush his teeth without having me to wrestle him to open his mouth; I had more time to create art; I could have a massage every night before I went to sleep; with just a blink of my eyes – I could travel from one place to another – without having to be in a car or airplane; there were no such things as ticks; I could go on more vacations; I had a Florida spring in my backyard; everyone would care about the environment; I had a stylist who knew exactly what I liked to shop and pick out my outfits for me (for free!); I could work in my garden more, I could kayak every day …

For even more about me, check out my daily routine.


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  2. Fun! Thanks for sharing the link!

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