3 great fruits to dehydrate …


Dehydrated strawberries are my favorite. Each time I eat one, I’m in heaven. The flavor is intensely delicious. Kai really loves dehydrated apples, and Alex loves kiwis. So, I dehydrated a little something for each of us – three apples, one pint of strawberries and four kiwis. I “cooked” them at 104 degrees to keep the raw food enzymes in the fruit.

If you ever have the chance to purchase a dehydrator. Do it! It was one of the best investments we ever made and is something we are going to use for the rest of our lives. I promised Kai that we were going to make fruit leather in our dehydrator this weekend. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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5 responses to “3 great fruits to dehydrate …

  1. Looks delicious…Bananas would be good too.

    • We’ve tried bananas before and they just come out sticky. They aren’t as pretty as the ones that you buy from the store. I don’t know how they do those.

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