Homemade facial mask recipe …


While in Seattle last week, I pampered myself with a 90-minute facial. My skin has been dry lately and has needed extra care. To keep up with a regiment, I decided last night to make a facial mask for myself. (I’m also taking a couple extra fish oil pills a day to also nurture my skin. *Be sure to choose a fish oil that comes from cold water and wild caught fish for maximum results and minimum environmental contamination.)

Facial mask ingredients:

1 organic egg white to tighten the skin
1 teaspoon of organic plain yogurt for moisture

Then just whisk the two ingredients together until the mixture becomes frothy.

Let the mask sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe off with clean water. Yes, you’re face is going to feel like it’s stone, but I’m weird and I liked the sensation.

This recipe yields two nights worth of masks. Make sure you place the leftover portion in the refrigerator. But I think for tonight’s mask, I’m going to add a splash of olive oil for extra moisture.

I felt as if I was in a Neutrogena commercial as I applied the mask with two of my fingers, smiling and taking pictures of myself for this blog post. Hilarious.


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