My latest obsession: retro owls …


I am crazy about retro owls. As I was hunting for more project ideas yesterday, I cam across these funky owl products that are for sale. Check ’em out.

ps. Give a hoot and don’t pollute! That means you too, BP!

Check out more of my obsessions:
Swedish design
Fruit leather
Yellow and gray
Recycled furniture

bonjour owl – vintage fabric pillow

Scrabble Tile Pendants – RETRO OWL sage

Under My Wing…Set of 3 Glass Magnets

Turquoise Vintage Owl Pendant Necklace 24 inch Gold Chain

Pirate Owl 6 x 6 Print

Cozy Owls, Sunny Yellow – Zillow Pillow

Turquoise Blue Ceramic Owl Bank Vintage Design

owl tote bag


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