Father’s day festivities …


This year, Alex, Kai and I went over to my parents’ house in Cocoa. My cousins and their kids and my new baby cousin, Graydon, was also there. It was great for everyone to get together. Kai especially loves to play with his cousin Annabelle.

My grandmother did something special for all of the boys in our family. She gave each of them something that once belonged to my grandfather. My brother Bobby received a stained glass fisherman that always hung on my grandparent’s kitchen window right over the sink. Alex received a mid-century modern tic-tac-toe game that I used always play when I was a kid. Kevin, my other brother, got a clock that he gave to my gpa a long time ago. It was such a great idea!!

Then my mom gave away family heirlooms, such as my grandma’s Last Supper painting that hung above her kitchen table my entire life, and some trinkets collected by my gma and gpa. I opted for a step stool that my maternal great, great grandfather made. I’m so excited to own it now!

Click here and check out how we spent Mother’s Day!


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