DIY: Make your own fresh cup of juice …


Sunday morning, as I pulled out the dehydrator to make fruit leather (a.k.a. roll ups), which I do at least once a week, (see how I do it here), Kai saw a box in the cabinet where I keep it. “What’s this, Mommy?” “Oh, that’s a juicer.” “I want to make juice!”

And that’s how we began.

We pulled everything out of the refrigerator that we could juice.

5 apples
1 bag of baby carrots
1 zucchini
1 cucumber

We juiced all of it. Making a concoction with all of the ingredients first and then making a cup of plain apple juice after he complained that the first drink tasted spicy (the zucchini, maybe?). I thought it tasted great, so I sipped it down, while Kai enjoyed his apple juice.

The hardest part was the clean up, but for a fresh cup of juice – it was worth it!

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5 responses to “DIY: Make your own fresh cup of juice …

  1. Yummm…summer hotness has been calling me to make more green smoothies and plan a uice fast (a short one since I am nursing).

    We live in PA. We got our potatoes in the ground in early March. Since we were haviing unseasonablly warm weather this spring we took advantage of it.


  2. Hmmm. I meant a juice fast, not an uice fast.


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