Halloween in June? We tried …


Last week, Kai and my parents cleaned out some stuff from my grandparents’ house and brought it over to our house. (MORE JUNK! LOL!) In it were Halloween decorations.

Kai was so excited about the decorations that he really wanted it to be Halloween. The next morning, he jumped out of bed saying that it was Halloween. I had to sadly explain to him that it wasn’t.

After work, he was still on the Halloween kick, so I told him he could wear his costume. He mixed and matched: Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman and the Hulk.

I even let him pretend it was Halloween and knock on our front door and I was going to give him a treat. Instead, he ran over to our neighbor’s house and was going to knock on her door for candy.

She wasn’t home and my little superhero was devastated. 😦

(Click here for more pics – of happier superhero times.)

This is the point when Kai realized the neighbor wasn’t home and he wasn’t going to get any candy.

Let the pouting begin …


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