Four-wheeling through Sedona, Arizona …


Travel log: Sedona, AZ, November 29, 2004

This was one of my and Alex’s favorites trips. On this particular day, we took an four-wheel tour through the Sedona mountainside. The guide asked Alex if he was experienced in driving four-wheelers. Of course, Macho Alex said “Yes.” “Great,” said the guide. Sitting behind Alex, I whispered in his ear after the guide walked away, “You’ve only driven one of these only once before.” And Alex smiled. I winced.

Holding my arms tight around Alex’s waist, we followed the pack of four-wheelers into the breathtaking red mountains. It was some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen. The juxtaposition between the green leaves on the trees and the red-orange dirt and rocks was amazing. And the vistas … wow! Too bad the photos below don’t do it justice.

The guide took us on paths that were so close to sheer cliffs and up steep inclines. At times, the butterflies in my stomach wanted to flutter away as fast as they could. But we made it back alive, full of adrenaline.


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