Dream vacation: staying in a tree house …


There is one thing that I really want to do – vacation in a treehouse. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night in the center of a forest listening to the leaves rustle in the wind just outside of your bedroom window.

Have you ever seen the documentary “Butterfly” with Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived in a redwood tree for just under two years? I love that she did it, but personally, I’d prefer a tree with a comfy bed, clean linens and running water. My hardcore activist days are over and I enjoy a bit of comfort. (Although, I never did anything as hardcore as living in a tree for two years. I did not eat beef for nine years in protest of beef production in the Amazon rainforest though.)

I found a few treehouse hotels that I’d love to stay in. Check them out …

Costa Rica Tree House Lodge

Hamanasi in Belize

Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mt. Rainer


2 responses to “Dream vacation: staying in a tree house …

  1. Hey, just want to let you know I enjoy the site. Keep it up.

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