Fun, creative and modern kid bedrooms …


This weekend, we went Ikea looking for a kid’s art table for Kai. Instead of buying one for $49.99, we decided to buy a white Lack coffee table for $20 and install it without the bottom layer. We then bought him two little white stools each for $7.99. They work perfectly together and Kai is stoked!

While there, I walked around the kid’s section gathering inspiration from all of the fun colors, designs and products. If I had the opportunity and the money, I’d decorate Kai’s room like one of these. I love the clean modern lines and the bright fun colors. If Kai had the opportunity, he’d paint his whole room orange. One of these days, I need to post pictures of his current room, which I love. Maybe next Tuesday – stay tuned!

Click here to see fun kid bedding and here for funky murals for kid bedrooms.


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