Siesta Key … ahhh – a relaxing beach getaway …


This last weekend, we needed to get out of Orlando. You know when you you feel stuck. I was feeling stuck in Orlando. And Alex had a great idea — let’s go to Siesta Key. So we did. We arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday late-morning.

We didn’t do much, but play on the beach. The water was so shallow, gentle, blue and warm. Well, we did go to the pool too. Kai’s summer swim classes are paying off. He’s a little fish. (Thanks for taking him, mom and dad!)

We watched the sunset into the Gulf both nights, played in the sand, collected seashells and ate so many popsicles (two packages worth – it was buy one get one free!). We didn’t want to come home. And right now, I long to go back.

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3 responses to “Siesta Key … ahhh – a relaxing beach getaway …

  1. i love your beautiful mermaid. remind me to show u a pic of my back one day.

    • Actually, someone else did this. It was just so beautiful – I had to take a photo. 🙂 Here’s a reminder — show me a pic of your back!! I wanna see!

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