Fun, modern and unique headboards …


Click here to see my current bedroom.

Alex and I just bought a new king 60% organic mattress. It should be arriving within the next few weeks. We sold our older queen bed frame to a friend and now I’m thinking, “What new thing can I do with the space?” I was thinking to get a simple platform bed from Ikea and then create a funky headboard. I’m thinking I want something bright and fun or maybe something old and rustic. Here are some ideas, but I’m still looking for more.

Have you seen any that you really like? If so, share with the rest of us.

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3 responses to “Fun, modern and unique headboards …

  1. This is so exciting for you to have this new decor project in front of you (or behind you 😉
    I can’t wait to see what you decide…

  2. That headboard is exactly what I was looking for. That is really me with nature all around. Definitely, it is my first choice 🙂

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