Party garland that wows …


We’re having an intimate birthday party for Kai this weekend with some of his best friends. For the past month, we have been working on garland and streamers for the party almost nightly – basically all you have to do is string things together – we have a rainbow star, Backyardigans theme – so easy and so festive! Check out some of my inspiration. (Stay tuned to see pics of the party next week.) I also think I’m going to use some of these ideas for a new art project for my home, but I can’t work on it until after the party – so much to do!


5 responses to “Party garland that wows …

  1. love these! my inspiration files are pack ed with them, too, but I’ve never tried them – difficult? looking forward to the party pics..

  2. I like the hearts in hearts. Painting one of the hearts would be a cool pop of color too!

  3. Maybe put money on a string.

  4. juuust out of the reach of the children. teach them that life is not fair or easy. the faster they learn these lessons, the better they will do in life.

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