Is it weird …

I have a quick question for you guys.

Is it weird to stuff a pinata with dried fruit (in plastic baggies), granola bars, animal crackers and sugar-free lollipops?

I’m in the process of making a pinata for Kai’s 4th bday party out of a balloon, newspaper, flour and water. (It’s a little intimate gathering for his bff’s and cousins. Everyone who is coming knows me so well, so they won’t be surprised when healthy treats fall from it, but I don’t want to disappoint the kids.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on healthy, non sugary treats to stuff the pinata with? If so, please tell me!!



4 responses to “Is it weird …

  1. I love that you’re making your own pinata! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It probably is a little weird to stuff a pinata with that stuff, but VERY admirable! I would totally do it. I love the motion to give healthier treats!

  2. Not weird at all. A little late, but you can also use stickers or coins or raisins or even make popcorn balls. And what kind of parent is really going to say “hey! My kid only eats UNhealthy stuff! No good-for-your-body stuff allowed.” although the visual of such a person is most amusing!

  3. I love your healthnuttiness. It is completely acceptable and I’m sure it is an expectation at a Ladd-Sanchez event. You are awesome for caring so much. I hope Kai had fun! Love you!

    ps: I’m going to imagine that our invitation got lost in the mail…

  4. Sorry to rain on your parade, but the children are going to be dissapointed! At least throw a few gummi candies or twizzlers or some form of candy goodness. (This is a party for @#$@#$ sake)

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