Operation Beautiful …


On the Today Show this morning, there was a woman who was promoting her website Operation Beautiful. It inspired me.

The whole premise of her site is that she and her readers leave post it notes in public bathrooms and around town that say positive messages to woman – such as, “You are beautiful.” “Look at you, you’re a vision.” “This is not a trick mirror, you are this beautiful.”

After watching it, I decided to write one and post it in the large, handicap bathroom in my office. I wrote the latter saying above. I would have taken a picture of it, but I don’t have my camera and my phone is old school and doesn’t have the camera feature.

This afternoon my friend and I are planning a stealth mission to go to the grocery store and leave notes like this at the diet, slim fast aisle. So fun and positive.

Spread the positivity and post at least one message this weekend.



5 responses to “Operation Beautiful …

  1. Now that’s something to share! 🙂 who wouldn’t enjoy reading that?

  2. Maybe put them in the chocolate/ice cream area, where the people really need the encouragement. Not trying to be mean, but it does make sense.

  3. Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing Operation Beautiful. This weekend I participated in the Great American Kindness Challenge and left several Operation Beautiful style messages around my town 🙂

    Thanks so much for commenting on my guest post on Simply Modern Mom or I might never have seen this 🙂

    Chat with you soon

    • Oh how wonderful. I really think little tokens of kindness like this makes a huge difference in people’s lives and perspectives. I had never heard of the Kindness Challenge. What a great idea!

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