How I experience my own Eat, Pray, Love (daily)…


Sometimes you don’t have to travel to go experience life. Sometimes, you just need to be where you are – “in the present.”

That’s where I am right now. I don’t travel as much as I used to – and at times I miss it a lot. But a trip here and there gets me out of Orlando and helps me experience new things – but I keep having to remind my self – that it’s the present moment that is where the experience is. You don’t need to go far to find yourself.

This week, I’ve been indulging on mint chocolate chip ice cream. I bought a tub for Kai’s birthday party that we didn’t use. So, I’ve been digging in and enjoying every spoonful. Sure, it’s extra calories, but I work out at least three times a week, so if I indulge like this every so often, so be it.

We eat so healthy all the time, that an occasional indulgence is a GREAT thing!

My other food indulgences:
1. Hummus – okay, it’s still healthy, but it does have a lot of fat and the winter for 2008-2009, I gained 7 pounds from eating so much of it. For real!
2. Gum drops
3. Pizza
4. Key lime pie
5. Lobster ravioli in cream sauce

My spirituality is my everything – my lifestyle. I believe in karma. I believe in energy. I believe in living in the moment. I believe in love. I try hard to incorporate this into my every moment. I try to be honest and sincere and encouraging to others. I pray daily and I give thanks at then end of each of my Ashtanga yoga practices or when I’m in my backyard or swimming in a spring or pool. I give thanks throughout the day.

I believe that you have a purpose in life and that things may not happen that you really want to happen for two reasons: 1. to remind you to be grateful for what you do have and what you have accomplished 2. because that isn’t where you needed to be to fulfill your purpose.

I’m in love with my husband, Alex. We met when I was 19 and he taught me to be me and encouraged me to live my own life and go after my own passions. When I first met him, I didn’t really know myself. He helped me gain the confidence within myself to grow and explore. When I was scared, he pushed me and encourage me to go further. I did the same for him. I’m so thankful for him. We grew up together and became two pillars holding up our family, rather than one pillar, which isn’t as stable.

How do you experience EAT, PRAY, LOVE in your daily life? Please share.


4 responses to “How I experience my own Eat, Pray, Love (daily)…

  1. Bacon! Red meat! Whole milk! Fried foods! Veal chops! French fries fried in duck fat! Duck liver pate! Good life! Eat well, too much healthy makes you weak!

  2. Oh, and of course BEER! Liquid bread! This is why our ancestors learned how to farm grains (seriously!)

  3. I like to learn the culture behind foods – when was this traditionally served and for whom and how. I take a deep breath to say thanks throughout the day – especially at meal times because food keeps us going. And love by saying to myself that I will be the best version of myself that day. It doesn’t always work, mainly because life isn’t perfect, but I’m learning to live in the moment too. Choosing to change one’s perspective can do wonders! 🙂 Really choosing your words and company does wonders.

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