A fun way to help your child eat more fruit and veggies …


My mom had a great idea for Kai’s birthday party: use a plastic gum drop tree and laden it with fruit (we used melon and grapes and strawberries) instead of candy.

Kai loved this idea … and the other night, one week after his party, he wanted to do put fruit and veggies on it again. Of course, I said yes.

I was serving asparagus for dinner that night, and although at times he does eat it, it’s not his favorite. So, instead of forcing him to eat the asparagus, I cut up a bunch of cucumbers, gave him a bowl of cherry tomatoes and green grapes and let him decorate the little tree.

We used it as the center piece for our dinner and we all nibbled from it as we ate. Kai ate the most of it.

I think if you make healthy eating fun, kids will do it in a heartbeat.

Here are 5 tips on how to help your child eat more healthy.

Here are some of my and Kai’s favorite recipes:

Breakfast “ice cream”

Fresh juice

Healthy chocolate chip cookies

Tomato Poppers

Two raw food recipes

Honey and pecan popcorn recipe

Homemade ice cream

Fruit leather/fruit roll ups


3 responses to “A fun way to help your child eat more fruit and veggies …

  1. I love that you are involving your child in your garden. I did the same with boy of my sons. My oldest son just graduated from college with four degrees. Horticulture, landscape archetict, landscaping engineer, and park design and archetict. Just know that sharing this with your little man will lead to a lifetime involvement!

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