Off to Finland …


Okay, so, I’m not really going to Finland, but one of my oldest and best friends is for three months! Our work offers a type of foreign exchange program and Becky was one of the lucky few that was picked. Actually, she’s not lucky – she manifested it for herself. (She’s good at things like that.)

So in honor of Becky, this post is dedicated to her safe travels.

XOXOXO, my friend. I hope you have the time of your life. I’m so proud of you!!

(ps. please bring a rock back for me.)


2 responses to “Off to Finland …

  1. YAY!!!! I am so soooo excited! These photos made me a bit cold, though, lol. Thanks for helping me get a job, Kel! I owe you so much! Will def bring you back rocks from my travels!!! xoxoxo

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