Tantrum Monday …


Kai woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. He was still tired and whenever he’s tired, you better watch out because he goes on a rampage. He didn’t get a nap yesterday (not because I didn’t try).

His grandma came into town and he was just so excited that Abu was here that he couldn’t fall asleep.

This morning’s set off: I didn’t put the peach on his plate EXACTLY how we wanted it. He’s not the best at expressing himself. So instead of him telling me how he wanted it, he dumped the peach slices on the table. OH NO, MISTER. So I carrying him into his room kicking and screaming. Not a fun way to start the week.

How do you discipline your kid? What technique do you use? I’ll be the first to admit, disciplining is not my forte.


4 responses to “Tantrum Monday …

  1. We’ve done the counting to 3 but I think the key is consistency; saying no and sticking to it. And while I do spank Vinny, it depends on what he does. For example, if he lies, he gets a pop in the mouth. If he is grumpy/angry/getting frustrated, he gets time out to soothe himself/lose the attitude. I was told once all kids have “currency” and once you find it out (because it changes constantly) it is easier to handle certain situations. It could be a t-shirt, toy, book, activity (like Wii), and taking it away means they lose things that matter to them.

  2. Before I had V I thought I could never hit my child, but then I watched what I considered well-behaved kids and realized that while I never want to hurt my child, if he says or does the wrong thing to the wrong person, I’m sure they’ll let him know in no uncertain terms. So he knows that he gets corrected so other people don’t react badly to him & that’s part of being mami – to raise my little guy into the kind of man that will be kind and loving to others, yet not someone to be pushed over.
    It’s our work in progress. 😉

  3. Everyone has their own parenting style and family dynamic and situations. Parenting is difficult because there are so many variables. Some days, I just wonder what can I do better, what am I not doing right? But I put all my heart and soul into my family, so I guess that’s all I can do even if that means Kai goes on a rampage once in a while.

  4. I agree. What I do works for Vinny, most of the time because kids do have off days just like adults. I will say that consistency & understanding are key. When kids can say “I’m acting this way because of this” it helps. 🙂

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