Bath time … my favorite time of the day …


If there is one thing I love that recharges me most – it’s my bathtub. Ever since I could remember, I’d take a bath almost nightly, soak in the water and regroup. In high school, I often did my home work, such as studying my vocab words, in the bathtub. Today, I often read, write in my journal and meditate. It’s where I can get away from the world for a little while and just breathe.

When I have a real tough day at work, I go straight to the bath and rejuvenate myself before I do anything – make dinner, do chores, whatever. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. There is something about sitting in water that releases all of the negativity that I was carrying with me.

I love my bathtub. It was the selling point of my house. I mean, when I walked into the house for the first time, I loved it. But when I walked into the master bathroom, I knew that it was going to be mine. There is a separate shower and spa-like tub (although there are no jets, but that’s okay) and a large window next to the tub. It’s my heaven.

Where do you go to retreat?


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