I’m running a 5K tomorrow – OMG – what have I gotten myself into? …


My company, Bonnier Corp., is putting on a 5K tomorrow and I signed up to do it. Gulp! I decided to run it 2.5 weeks ago. I thought I’d be like Nike and Just Do It! Now, I feel that I am physically fit. I workout 2-4 times a week on my lunch break.

So, instead of taking my regular class on my lunch break I decided to run the treadmill to see if I could physically run the 3.16 miles. And I did. No sweat (well, I did technically sweat, but you know what I mean.)

But the problem is: I’ve never run outside before. I mean I was a kid I ran on the track during gym, but that’s the extent of it. So tomorrow is going to be a whole new experience for me. Wish me luck – I plan on running the whole thing!

Have you ever run a 5K before? Any tips? I’m going to need them.


5 responses to “I’m running a 5K tomorrow – OMG – what have I gotten myself into? …

  1. I’ve done it twice before at Penn State for Thon, and my best advice is to try to block out how far you ran. It’s like the say “A watched pot never boils”…a watched 5K never finishes. haha So just try to think about random stuff or make a good mix on an MP3 player to think about other things.

  2. ooh, that’s ambitious.. how was it? I have just comiited to running with my daughter three times a week to help her train for a cross country meet.. and am feeling the dread 🙂

  3. I did pretty good. I cramped up a bit – so I had to walk some – 2 minutes. But I finished in 35:30. Pretty good, although I’m a bit disappointed for not running the whole time, but with cramps, what can you do?

  4. I have been running since I was 4 years old. I say that if you get a cramp in the somach or side stitch, then what you need to do is physically grab your side that hurts and hold it. This will reduce the pain and may get rid of the cramp. Some other tips is to not go hard at the beginning at the race. I run 5k meets in 19 minutes, but I also train 5 days a week. I have also ran a half marathon in 1 hour and 30 minutes. You should try to run longer distances than 3.16 because you will build up your enduarnce. You will get faster when you run the 3.16 miles.

  5. Just have fun running.

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