About this blog

Welcome to the colorful cosmos that I call my world. It’s loaded with art, home design, yummy food, gardening fun, earth-friendly ideas, kid stuff, my adventures and, well, basically everything I love. I know you’ll love it too, so take off your shoes, bookmark this page and come back often.

Mondays: HIP MAMA: My greatest joy in life is being a mom. Every Monday, I’m going to share with you my mommy techniques, the awesome things Kai and I do together, and products that make our lives easier.

Tuesdays: HOME DESIGN: This is the day that I’ll invite you into my home to view the different projects I’m currently working on or have created in the past. At times, I’ll also show you pictures and ideas that are inspiring me now and hopefully will rouse you as well.

Wednesdays: NATURAL LIVING: My family is obsessed with living a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle with the foods that we eat, the activities we take part in and the products we buy. Wednesday is green day in my world and I’ll show you what we’re consciously and currently doing to make the Earth and us healthier.

Thursdays: TRAVEL LOG: Over the past decade, Alex and I have traveled throughout the country and all over of Florida. Since Kai was born, we haven’t ventured out as much as we once did, but we still do have all of our memories. This is the day that I’ll share our past, current and dream adventures.

Fridays: RANDOM: Each Friday, I’ll share something random with you about my life. It may fit into one of the previous categories or it may not. Be sure to stop by because you’ll never know what I might post.


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