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Polaroid art collage …


There is something edgy about polaroids. I’m not sure if it’s because of its retro quality or because it’s so raw – there are no retakes – what you get is what you get. Whatever it is, I love it. Don’t you?

A girl with kaleidoscope eyes …


I have to admit, I was a little stumped on what I should post today and then it hit me – artist Jen Stark!!! She’s one of my favorite artists today. She has been Miami’s darling for the last few years (look through the pictures below and you’ll see why).

I was fortunate to interview her a few years ago for Florida Travel + Life magazine and she was so nice. She said she was inspired by her sister’s medical text books (she was studying to be a doctor).

I’m so crazy about her work. I love the colors and the shapes and the ingenuity of it all. Don’t you?

Check out her website –

Fun and creative ways to display art and photos …


I’m always looking for new ways to display my family’s art and photographs. We normally just stick Kai’s masterpieces on the refrigerator, but that’s so clique. I’m looking for some fun ways to brighten our house and showcase our work and our photos. Here are some ideas that I have found.

I do have two art pieces in my house that show off my family’s photos, I think beautifully and monochromatically, click here to check it out. I think you’ll love it to. It’s edgy and different.

I love this one!

DIY: Necklace Knockoff #2 …


Okay, so I think I got my necklace making-kick out of my system. This is my second necklace knock off this week and I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Check out the first necklace knockoff here.

At lunch yesterday, I went to the same specialty fabric store where I got the thread for the other necklace and picked up some yellow and gray buttons. (I love the store because there are hundreds – maybe thousands of different styles of buttons that you could choose from.) Each of these cost between $.20 and $.55 each.

All I did was thread them together with some silver wire. I rethread some of the buttons two or three times so they were sturdy and I connected them to a random silver chain that I found in my couch years ago that nobody claimed.

It’s not as neat as the one that I knocked off, but I think it turned out pretty awesome, especially since I’m not used to working with wire. Plus, it only took me about 15 minutes to complete.

HERE IS THE ORIGINAL NECKLACE (I found the pic online.)

HERE IS MY REPLICA (ps. I’m wearing it today.)


DIY: Necklace knock-off …


(ps. since this picture, I trimmed some of the fringe. It is a bit much here.)

A week and a half ago, while in the Dominican Republic (check out part uno of our trip here and part dos of our trip here), my sister-in-law, Nathalie, let me wear one of her necklaces around town. I fell in love and become obsessed. No, literally – I couldn’t stop thinking about making one of my own. So, last night, after collecting the beads and string on my lunch break, I made it. It only took me three hours to do it all – paint (and dry) the beads, braid the string and thread everything together.

I’m going to make more necklaces and bracelets in the upcoming days, so I’ll show you how I paint the beads in upcoming posts. (Hint: it includes bamboo skewers and empty cracker and granola bar boxes.)

Here are pictures of Nathalie’s necklace.

Here are pictures of my necklace.

Pretty good replica, huh?

Here is what I used:
1. Two pieces of fringed trim (I bought at a speciality fabric store. For a $1 a yard)
2. Three colors of cross-stitch thread (I already owned these from a previous art project – check my bird cage art here.)
3. Wooden beads (I bought a tub full for $5.00 with a 40% coupon at Michael’s. So it came out to be $3.00)
4. Acrylic paint (Already owned.)
5. Random beads (Already owned.)

So the total for this necklace is $5.00! Sweet deal!

Yarn bombing – the new kind of graffiti …


Yesterday I came across this website ( and I fell in love. What a fun and colorful way to give joy to people, make them smile and warm their hearts.

People all over the planet are taking part in this craze and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s yarn-anarchy!

(For a post on more traditional graffiti, click here.)

Now, if I only knew how to knit …

Interesting and unique ways to recycle glass and plastic bottles …


If there is one thing Alex and I do really well – it’s recycle. We have two recycling bins that are filled to the rim (and sometimes are overflowing) each Monday morning with cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass jars – and on and on.

I do wish, however, that we just didn’t use these items one time and then discarded them into the recycling bin.

So, I looked up creative ways other people have done to reuse recyclables – particularly glass and plastic bottles. Would you do any of these? I’m thinking the igloo would be fun in the backyard – haha!

See more cool recycled items – click here!

Click here for nature-inspired home decor.

5 inspiring art pieces found at MOMA …


I was browsing the Museum of Modern Art’s website and I came across these five modern pieces of art that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!

Shay Alkalay (Israeli, born 1976)

Nuages (Cloud) Bookcase
Ronan Bouroullec (French, born 1971) and Erwan Bouroullec (French, born 1976)

Billy B. Old English Padlock, from the Sweet Dreams Security series
Matthias Megyeri (German, born 1973)

De Theatercompagnie De Vrouw van Vroeger
Experimental Jetset (Dutch, est. 1997)

Anthropometry: Princess Helena
Yves Klein (French, 1928-1962)

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Creative cupcakes ideas …


To help ease my daily 4:30 sugar craving, I started to research fancy cupcakes yesterday afternoon. (To be honest, I’m not sure if it helped the sugar craving or made it worse.)

I have to admit, I’m not a good cupcake decorator. I’ve tried and whenever I do brave the task, I smear frosting all over the table and all over my hands. It’s a mess – both on and off the cupcake. So, when I saw these, I was truly impressed. It takes a lot of talent to make them look so pretty (and to taste so good. Mmmm!)

Although I didn’t make these cupcakes, I did make these art pieces, check them out. They rock!

Art project: colorful recycled magazine shadowbox art …

Bird paintings

Photo collage

Dripping with circles painting

Garden signs

Chakra art

Kevin’s wedding present painting

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