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The many looks of Lady Gaga (promise – no meat dress pictures shown)…


Hey guys, sorry, I’ve been busy all week and haven’t been able to post. I’m super busy today too … but I did want to post something. So, here it goes …

I love Lady Gaga’s style. Her music – sometimes isn’t my favorite – it’s a bit to poppy. But her looks – love them. Their creative, thought-provoking and inspiring. I’d love to wear some of them – except, where would I wear them? Kai’s soccer game tomorrow? Prob not. ha!

Do you like her? Do you like her style? Do you like her music?


Fashion icon Gwen Stefani …


Yesterday’s post about Japan’s harajuku fashions made me think of Gwen Stefani, who I adore. Ever since “I’m just a girl” was released, I’ve been in awe. I love her punk, rebellious attitude of the 90’s and her glamourous, sophisticated, mothering and eclectic style of today.

I scoured the web and found an array of her styles and love that she can pull them all off effortlessly.

Which is your fave Gwen style? Personally, I love her rocker style.

Dreaming in Japanese …


Throughout middle and high school, I had a Japanese pen pal – Miwako. We sent each other gifts a few times a year. She’d send me seaweed cookies and Hello Kitty gear. I’d send her American magazines and makeup. I still have all of her letters, pictures and trinkets she sent me in a box at my mom’s house.

But when she and I went to college we lost track of each other. I’d love to find her. So, I’m dedicating today’s post to my long lost pen pal Miwako, who I dream of visiting one day. (I also dream of dressing like a harajuku girl – don’t you?)

Retro bathing suits …


It’s the time of year for all of the bathing suits to be on sale – 70% off baby!

I tried some on this past weekend, with no avail.

But although, I don’t think I could pull off one of these retro swimsuits, I still adore them. Don’t you?

Ode to Twiggy …


For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you must know by now that I am crazy about mod – fashion, furniture, colors and design. To me, it represents a time when the world was reinventing itself (society, culture, design) into the modern age. I love the innocence and playfulness of it all. And Twiggy emulates everything about that time. I love her. I love her style, her hair, her eyelashes. Don’t you?

What’s your favorite era?

Retro flight attendant fashion …


So instead of showing you one of my favorite or recent trips or tell you about one of my dream vacays for Travel Thursday, I thought I’d show you some photos of a time when traveling itself was an adventure and the flight attendants were the stars of the show in their cute mod mini dresses with graphic prints and geometric shapes. Aw … I heart that era – don’t you?

Check out some funky kid fashion here.