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Parenting magazine is looking for craft ideas

Hey crafters!

Parenting magazine is looking for fun, modern kid crafts to feature in our Halloween and Christmas issues. Got a never-been-published, original holiday craft? We want to see it! Send a snapshot of it to If your craft is selected, we’ll print it in the magazine and give you and your blog (if you have one) credit. Be sure to include your name, hometown and phone number in your e-mail to us so we can contact you about the instructions. The deadline is May 2nd.


I start my dream job tomorrow …

As a Lifestyle Editor with Parenting magazine. With that said, my blog posts will probably slow down a bit, but do not fear, I will add new posts as much as possible.

Wish me luck!

It’s official: I’m a soccer mom …


For the next few weekends, I’m going to be spending every Saturday morning at the soccer field.

Kai’s preschool league is just four teams, where the coaches are on the field and there are no goalies.

Kai loves it. In fact, he’s the team superstar. This weekend, he scored seven goals and last weekend he scored six goals. He rocks. The first game the coach sat him out to give the other kids a chance to score.

Here are some pics of his game this weekend – they spelled his name wrong on the jersey – they are fixing it for this weekend.

They spelled his name wrong. We're getting a new jersey next week! 🙂

7 goals!

The importance of play-dates …


(I didn’t take pics this weekend and of his play-dates, but so, I hope you enjoy this one of him taken at the beach a few weeks ago.)

This weekend, Kai had two play-dates – one with his life-long friend Charlie and one with his school friend Tyler. This is the first time Tyler’s mom and I set up a play-date together and I’m so glad we did.

To help build the boys’ confidence at school, both Tyler’s mom and I thought it be a good idea to get them together. If you build bonds outside of school, then the school experience can only enhance. The kids hopefully will then want to go to school – and if they want to go to school then they will be more likely perform better. It means a lot to me for Kai to enjoy school so he can succeed. Sure, some may call me a helicopter mom, but I really believe it’s important to think about these things, especially at an early age because this is when the foundation begins.

Halloween costume ideas …


Kai is already getting excited about Halloween. He wants to start decorating the house already. I think this week we’re going to start making bats out of construction paper to hang like streamers.

I asked him what he wants to be for Halloween and he doesn’t know. I listed the usual suspects: Woody, (he was Buzz last year), a robot, a pirate, a witch, a clown, Peter Pan, a ghost, Superman. He say “no” to all of them. So, I’m scouring the web for some unique ideas that may entice him.

What have you and your kids dressed up in the past? Ideas needed … (THANKS!)

Tantrum Monday …


Kai woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. He was still tired and whenever he’s tired, you better watch out because he goes on a rampage. He didn’t get a nap yesterday (not because I didn’t try).

His grandma came into town and he was just so excited that Abu was here that he couldn’t fall asleep.

This morning’s set off: I didn’t put the peach on his plate EXACTLY how we wanted it. He’s not the best at expressing himself. So instead of him telling me how he wanted it, he dumped the peach slices on the table. OH NO, MISTER. So I carrying him into his room kicking and screaming. Not a fun way to start the week.

How do you discipline your kid? What technique do you use? I’ll be the first to admit, disciplining is not my forte.

Kai’s 4th birthday party …


Two weeks after I promised it, I’m finally delivery the pictures of Kai’s 4th bday, Backyardigan-themed party. It was just family and a few of Kai’s closest friends and Kai had the time of his life.

1. Pin the bow-tie on Pablo the penguin.
2. Bob for apples.
3. Obstacle course – hit the baseball, through the tunnel, jump through the hula hoop, over the sprinkler and into the pool.
4. Hit the Pablo pinata that Alex and I made. (We filled it with it granola bars, peanut m&m’s, 150 calorie popcorn, little lizards.)
5. Eat the cake that my mom and grandma made for him.
6. Open presents!

Teaching kindness …


Today’s Kai’s first day of school. He goes to a Montessori school, so he’s in the same classroom with the same teacher and a lot of the same kids. He’ll be with all of them for two more years until he’s six.

Last year, he was three and one of the youngest in his class. One of the boys said he was a baby and it really bothered him – still bothers him months later.

So, last night Alex and talked with him about how there are going to be new kids in his class (some of which will be three – and they are NOT babies). We explained to him that some of the new kids may be nervous this morning because they don’t know anybody and don’t have any friends yet. Alex and I set up mock scenarios to teach Kai how to introduce himself and make friends with the new kids. We had him remember his first day and how he was scared because he didn’t know anyone.

One idea we had was for Kai to give one of his silly bandz to a new kid to help him/her feel welcome. At first, he didn’t want to do it – giving up a silly band is a tough thing to do for a four year old. But, I gave him a little incentive (or a bribe, some may call it): give a new kid a silly band and I’ll give you two in return. (I’m giving silly bands to him when he does extra good things around the house.)

When we walked into his classroom, I asked one of the teachers who the new children were. She pointed three of them out to me. Two of them were already talking with the other kids. One of them, a six-year-old girl, was sitting by herself looking kind of scared and shy. I pointed her out to Kai. He walked up to her and without saying anything shoved the silly band at her. I explained to one of his teachers what he was trying to do, so we went over and facilitated the conversation between the two of them. I encourage Kai to say, “Hi, I’m Kai” and then I slipped out so the teachers could start their day and help the kids become friends.

I walked out of the room teary-eyed and so proud of my little guy for doing his part to help a little girl feel welcome in his class.

This is my goal: to teach Kai to be kind to others. I think that’s the most important lesson I can ever teach him.

To see more of Kai in is Montessori classroom, click here.

To see a way for you to spread kindness today, click here to see Operation Beautiful.

Kai hearts swimming …


Okay, so I really, really, really wanted to post pics from Kai’s bday party yesterday. BUT, we took pictures on my mom’s camera and I won’t be able to retrieve them until this weekend. BUMMER – I wanted to show off the pinata we made – it turned out awesome! Plus, my mom made his cake and it rocked. I promise to post the pics as soon as I get them. We had so much fun!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you some pics we recently took at my parent’s pool in Cocoa. Kai is over there this week (and will be swimming in the pool often) because his camp is over and his school doesn’t start for another week – and Alex and I have to work.

Is it weird …

I have a quick question for you guys.

Is it weird to stuff a pinata with dried fruit (in plastic baggies), granola bars, animal crackers and sugar-free lollipops?

I’m in the process of making a pinata for Kai’s 4th bday party out of a balloon, newspaper, flour and water. (It’s a little intimate gathering for his bff’s and cousins. Everyone who is coming knows me so well, so they won’t be surprised when healthy treats fall from it, but I don’t want to disappoint the kids.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on healthy, non sugary treats to stuff the pinata with? If so, please tell me!!