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The white room …


As I have posted before – I love white rooms (with a splash of color). I love how clean they feel. And when you have an active four-year-old boy anything that gives an impression of clean is welcome feeling.

I finally have my office/den/kid tv room all white. My dining room is almost there (I’m still on the hunt for a white dining table).

Here are some photos of white rooms that inspire me. What is your design style? What kinds of rooms inspire you?


Bath time … my favorite time of the day …


If there is one thing I love that recharges me most – it’s my bathtub. Ever since I could remember, I’d take a bath almost nightly, soak in the water and regroup. In high school, I often did my home work, such as studying my vocab words, in the bathtub. Today, I often read, write in my journal and meditate. It’s where I can get away from the world for a little while and just breathe.

When I have a real tough day at work, I go straight to the bath and rejuvenate myself before I do anything – make dinner, do chores, whatever. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. There is something about sitting in water that releases all of the negativity that I was carrying with me.

I love my bathtub. It was the selling point of my house. I mean, when I walked into the house for the first time, I loved it. But when I walked into the master bathroom, I knew that it was going to be mine. There is a separate shower and spa-like tub (although there are no jets, but that’s okay) and a large window next to the tub. It’s my heaven.

Where do you go to retreat?

Operation Beautiful …


On the Today Show this morning, there was a woman who was promoting her website Operation Beautiful. It inspired me.

The whole premise of her site is that she and her readers leave post it notes in public bathrooms and around town that say positive messages to woman – such as, “You are beautiful.” “Look at you, you’re a vision.” “This is not a trick mirror, you are this beautiful.”

After watching it, I decided to write one and post it in the large, handicap bathroom in my office. I wrote the latter saying above. I would have taken a picture of it, but I don’t have my camera and my phone is old school and doesn’t have the camera feature.

This afternoon my friend and I are planning a stealth mission to go to the grocery store and leave notes like this at the diet, slim fast aisle. So fun and positive.

Spread the positivity and post at least one message this weekend.


Yarn bombing – the new kind of graffiti …


Yesterday I came across this website ( and I fell in love. What a fun and colorful way to give joy to people, make them smile and warm their hearts.

People all over the planet are taking part in this craze and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s yarn-anarchy!

(For a post on more traditional graffiti, click here.)

Now, if I only knew how to knit …

Party garland that wows …


We’re having an intimate birthday party for Kai this weekend with some of his best friends. For the past month, we have been working on garland and streamers for the party almost nightly – basically all you have to do is string things together – we have a rainbow star, Backyardigans theme – so easy and so festive! Check out some of my inspiration. (Stay tuned to see pics of the party next week.) I also think I’m going to use some of these ideas for a new art project for my home, but I can’t work on it until after the party – so much to do!

Interesting and unique ways to recycle glass and plastic bottles …


If there is one thing Alex and I do really well – it’s recycle. We have two recycling bins that are filled to the rim (and sometimes are overflowing) each Monday morning with cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass jars – and on and on.

I do wish, however, that we just didn’t use these items one time and then discarded them into the recycling bin.

So, I looked up creative ways other people have done to reuse recyclables – particularly glass and plastic bottles. Would you do any of these? I’m thinking the igloo would be fun in the backyard – haha!

See more cool recycled items – click here!

Click here for nature-inspired home decor.

Fun, modern and unique headboards …


Click here to see my current bedroom.

Alex and I just bought a new king 60% organic mattress. It should be arriving within the next few weeks. We sold our older queen bed frame to a friend and now I’m thinking, “What new thing can I do with the space?” I was thinking to get a simple platform bed from Ikea and then create a funky headboard. I’m thinking I want something bright and fun or maybe something old and rustic. Here are some ideas, but I’m still looking for more.

Have you seen any that you really like? If so, share with the rest of us.

Want to see more interior design ideas?

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Feng Shui mirror placements

Edgy and funky kid fashion …


I’m on a kid fashion kick lately – not the cutesy, JC Penny catalogue stuff. (Gag!) I’m digging the high fashion, awesome photography and interesting props. The kind of art that makes you think and then smile (and then think again). Here some that I found that I find truly inspiring. I hope you do too.

(God, how I’d wish to be apart of creating images like these. I’d love to brainstorm the concepts and create the backdrops and scenery of the shots. — That would be the ultimate dream job!)

Here are some more of my inspirations for you to check out:
Retro owls
Swedish design
Fruit leather
Yellow and gray
Recycled furniture

5 inspiring art pieces found at MOMA …


I was browsing the Museum of Modern Art’s website and I came across these five modern pieces of art that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!

Shay Alkalay (Israeli, born 1976)

Nuages (Cloud) Bookcase
Ronan Bouroullec (French, born 1971) and Erwan Bouroullec (French, born 1976)

Billy B. Old English Padlock, from the Sweet Dreams Security series
Matthias Megyeri (German, born 1973)

De Theatercompagnie De Vrouw van Vroeger
Experimental Jetset (Dutch, est. 1997)

Anthropometry: Princess Helena
Yves Klein (French, 1928-1962)

Check out some of my art:
Art project: colorful recycled magazine shadowbox art …

Bird paintings

Photo collage

Dripping with circles painting

Garden signs

Chakra art

Kevin’s wedding present painting

Chic seashell art

Happy thoughts

Fun, creative and modern kid bedrooms …


This weekend, we went Ikea looking for a kid’s art table for Kai. Instead of buying one for $49.99, we decided to buy a white Lack coffee table for $20 and install it without the bottom layer. We then bought him two little white stools each for $7.99. They work perfectly together and Kai is stoked!

While there, I walked around the kid’s section gathering inspiration from all of the fun colors, designs and products. If I had the opportunity and the money, I’d decorate Kai’s room like one of these. I love the clean modern lines and the bright fun colors. If Kai had the opportunity, he’d paint his whole room orange. One of these days, I need to post pictures of his current room, which I love. Maybe next Tuesday – stay tuned!

Click here to see fun kid bedding and here for funky murals for kid bedrooms.