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Fun, creative and modern kid bedrooms …


This weekend, we went Ikea looking for a kid’s art table for Kai. Instead of buying one for $49.99, we decided to buy a white Lack coffee table for $20 and install it without the bottom layer. We then bought him two little white stools each for $7.99. They work perfectly together and Kai is stoked!

While there, I walked around the kid’s section gathering inspiration from all of the fun colors, designs and products. If I had the opportunity and the money, I’d decorate Kai’s room like one of these. I love the clean modern lines and the bright fun colors. If Kai had the opportunity, he’d paint his whole room orange. One of these days, I need to post pictures of his current room, which I love. Maybe next Tuesday – stay tuned!

Click here to see fun kid bedding and here for funky murals for kid bedrooms.


Fun, trendy, colorful and whimsical kid bedding …


Astronaut Bedding Set

I’m always on the hunt for new inspiration for my art, Kai’s art and home décor. These fun and colorful bedding for kids do just that. I love the patterns and the whimsy of all of them. We’re not planning to redo Kai’s bedroom anytime soon, but some of you may be ready to update you’re child’s room. So, for those of you who are in the market for a redo, here are my top picks. I’m especially digging the astronaut and mermaid themes. Super cute!

Mermaids Bedding Set

From the Department of Motor Vehicles Bedding


Kaleidoscope Circles Bedding

Kelsey Quilted Bedding

Animals, Wild Animals Toddler Bedding

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