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Our Dominican Republic trip: part dos …



Besides going to Michele’s wedding and wearing a sexy low-cut dress (click on link above for photos), Alex and I spent a lot of time with his siblings and his brother Otto’s new baby twin boys. They are so little. (I can’t even imagine having two. Poor Wendy is getting no sleep.)


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Our Dominican Republic trip: part uno …


We’re back! First off, I don’t want to take a trip without Kai anymore – I missed my little boy so much. But we didn’t have a passport for him and he hasn’t had all of his shots yet, so it wasn’t the time for him to go.

But even though Kai wasn’t with us – Alex and I had fun spending time with his sisters, brothers and new twin nephews. (I’ll show more pics of the family in another blog post.)

The main attraction of the trip was the wedding of Alex’s sister, Michele. The reception was held in a fancy restaurant at in Santo Domingo’s Old City, which is where Christopher Columbus had a home.

The second main attraction that night was the dress that I borrowed from Nathalie, Alex’s other sister. Let me give you a little back story – Nathalie didn’t think the dress that I brought was dressy enough, so, gulp, I wore hers. I’ve NEVER worn anything like this before and when I first tried it on, I immediately took it off. “I can’t wear that!” I thought. But she said do it – so I did – check out the pictures below – Va va va voom. ha!

Siesta Key … ahhh – a relaxing beach getaway …


This last weekend, we needed to get out of Orlando. You know when you you feel stuck. I was feeling stuck in Orlando. And Alex had a great idea — let’s go to Siesta Key. So we did. We arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday late-morning.

We didn’t do much, but play on the beach. The water was so shallow, gentle, blue and warm. Well, we did go to the pool too. Kai’s summer swim classes are paying off. He’s a little fish. (Thanks for taking him, mom and dad!)

We watched the sunset into the Gulf both nights, played in the sand, collected seashells and ate so many popsicles (two packages worth – it was buy one get one free!). We didn’t want to come home. And right now, I long to go back.

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My favorite Walt Disney World resorts and attractions …


I heart Disney World. In fact, I even worked for the Mouse for five years as a character (Pluto, Mary Poppins, Eeyore, Mr. Smee, etc.) while I was in high school and in college and even met my husband there 14 years ago yesterday, in fact. (Alex skateboarded in the parades and played Goofy and Captain Hook too.)

Now that I’m a mom, I love taking Kai there and staying out there for the weekend (living in Orlando makes this easy). Since it’s summer and for many families that means their annual trip to the Magic Kingdom, I thought I’d share some of my favorite resorts and attractions. Let me know if you agree or have any other favorites that I missed.


My faves:

Cinderella’s Castle

Peter Pan’s ride

The Buzz Lightyear ride

Pirates of the Caribbean

Beauty and the Beast stage show


Winnie the Pooh ride

Finding Nemo stage show

Polynesian Resort

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Dream vacation: staying in a tree house …


There is one thing that I really want to do – vacation in a treehouse. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night in the center of a forest listening to the leaves rustle in the wind just outside of your bedroom window.

Have you ever seen the documentary “Butterfly” with Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived in a redwood tree for just under two years? I love that she did it, but personally, I’d prefer a tree with a comfy bed, clean linens and running water. My hardcore activist days are over and I enjoy a bit of comfort. (Although, I never did anything as hardcore as living in a tree for two years. I did not eat beef for nine years in protest of beef production in the Amazon rainforest though.)

I found a few treehouse hotels that I’d love to stay in. Check them out …

Costa Rica Tree House Lodge

Hamanasi in Belize

Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mt. Rainer

Four-wheeling through Sedona, Arizona …


Travel log: Sedona, AZ, November 29, 2004

This was one of my and Alex’s favorites trips. On this particular day, we took an four-wheel tour through the Sedona mountainside. The guide asked Alex if he was experienced in driving four-wheelers. Of course, Macho Alex said “Yes.” “Great,” said the guide. Sitting behind Alex, I whispered in his ear after the guide walked away, “You’ve only driven one of these only once before.” And Alex smiled. I winced.

Holding my arms tight around Alex’s waist, we followed the pack of four-wheelers into the breathtaking red mountains. It was some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen. The juxtaposition between the green leaves on the trees and the red-orange dirt and rocks was amazing. And the vistas … wow! Too bad the photos below don’t do it justice.

The guide took us on paths that were so close to sheer cliffs and up steep inclines. At times, the butterflies in my stomach wanted to flutter away as fast as they could. But we made it back alive, full of adrenaline.

6 highlights from our New Hampshire trip …


Travel log: Durham, New Hampshire, April 2006

Back in 2006, Alex, my friend Jessica, and I (Kai in my belly too) flew up to New Hampshire to visit our friend, Paul, who at the time was living upstairs from a lumber yard. While there, we also met up with our Bostonian besties, Katy and Chris, who drove up to see us.

Highlights from the trip:
1. Paul’s lumber yard outhouse
2. Maine lobster dinner (for everyone else but me! My pregnant body reacted unfavorably to the lobster, swelling my hands. Alex and Paul dove right into my freshly-boiled crustacean.)
3. Hiking on some trail (I have no idea where we were.)
4. Hanging with Katy and Chris.
5. Staying in a charming B&B near Paul’s place.
6. The cool, spring northeastern air

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check yourself for ticks when hiking in New Hampshire – or anywhere actually! And if you find one, get tested for lyme disease using Igenex labs – the only accurate test for the disease.

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15 must-visit Florida coastal towns and beaches (Come before the oil does!) …


Canaveral National Seashore

As a fifth generation Floridian, I can’t tell you enough how nervous I am about the oil reaching the Gulf Stream and making its way around the entire state of Florida. I’m also worried about the dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and all of the fish, as well as the environment, specifically the Everglades, coral reefs and estuaries. So instead of moping around and being bummed by the whole thing, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite spots on the Florida coast that are worth a getaway, while they are still beautiful!

1. Watercolor/Seaside

2. Apalachicola/St. George Island

3. Steinahatchee

4. Gasparilla Island

5. Marco Island

6. Naples

7. Everglades City

8. Key West

9. Miami Beach

10. Juno Beach

11. Vero Beach

12. Canaveral National Seashore

13. Flagler Beach

14. St. Augustine Beach

15. Amelia Island

Canaveral National Seashore

Gasparilla Island

Juno Beach

Key West

Key West


St. Augustine

St. George Island Beach

Daydreaming: Glamourous resorts by interior designer Kelly Wearstler …



Glamourous, elegant with a dash of sass – interior design hotshot Kelly Wearstler has designed some of the most posh resorts in Miami, Palm Springs, Snowmass and Santa Monica. Although I have yet to stay in one of them (it’s on my list), I do ohh and ahh over the photos. Don’t you just love them?

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Miami – The Viceroy

Palm Springs – The Viceroy

Dreaming of Swedish art, fashion and design …


Travel log: Stockholm, Sweden, one day in the near future …

My friend Jackie just returned from a three-month jaunt in Sweden. I was totally envious (in a good way!) – mainly for her firsthand experience of the country’s cutting-edge design-centric culture. (She’s a designer, so I’m glad she was able to relish in it.) I love the modern simplicity, bold graphics and practicality in all creative areas from art, fashion and furniture (there’s ikea, of course – but there is so much more!).

Here some examples of what inspires me most: