I’m running a 5K tomorrow – OMG – what have I gotten myself into? …


My company, Bonnier Corp., is putting on a 5K tomorrow and I signed up to do it. Gulp! I decided to run it 2.5 weeks ago. I thought I’d be like Nike and Just Do It! Now, I feel that I am physically fit. I workout 2-4 times a week on my lunch break.

So, instead of taking my regular class on my lunch break I decided to run the treadmill to see if I could physically run the 3.16 miles. And I did. No sweat (well, I did technically sweat, but you know what I mean.)

But the problem is: I’ve never run outside before. I mean I was a kid I ran on the track during gym, but that’s the extent of it. So tomorrow is going to be a whole new experience for me. Wish me luck – I plan on running the whole thing!

Have you ever run a 5K before? Any tips? I’m going to need them.


Ancient Greece …


Last week, Alex and I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief and since then I’ve been enamored with Ancient Greece – it’s mythology, architecture and even clothes. (Toga party, anyone?)

I’ve never been to Athens – but it’s on my bucket list. I mean, these structures date back to the fifth century BC. The history within each of these stones – well, it’s awe-inspiring.

What’s your favorite ancient city?

Juicy Juice Plus …


Disclaimer: I am not a distributer of Juice Plus. I just like it!

When Kai was about six months old, his doctor was telling us about Juice Plus. He suggested that we add it to his milk, which we did. Kai has been taking the stuff since he was a baby — and RARELY gets sick. I don’t think he has been sick this whole year.

What is it? Let me just tell ya: It helps you bridge the gap between the 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. This is taken from JuicePlus.com: Juice Plus+® is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Each ingredient is specially selected to provide a broad range of nutritional benefits.

So, basically it’s a super-duper fruit and veggie-laced vitamin. I’m about to start to take them myself. I’ll let you know if I feel any different.

Talk to ya guys tomorrow!

Polaroid art collage …


There is something edgy about polaroids. I’m not sure if it’s because of its retro quality or because it’s so raw – there are no retakes – what you get is what you get. Whatever it is, I love it. Don’t you?

Halloween costume ideas …


Kai is already getting excited about Halloween. He wants to start decorating the house already. I think this week we’re going to start making bats out of construction paper to hang like streamers.

I asked him what he wants to be for Halloween and he doesn’t know. I listed the usual suspects: Woody, (he was Buzz last year), a robot, a pirate, a witch, a clown, Peter Pan, a ghost, Superman. He say “no” to all of them. So, I’m scouring the web for some unique ideas that may entice him.

What have you and your kids dressed up in the past? Ideas needed … (THANKS!)

Fashion icon Gwen Stefani …


Yesterday’s post about Japan’s harajuku fashions made me think of Gwen Stefani, who I adore. Ever since “I’m just a girl” was released, I’ve been in awe. I love her punk, rebellious attitude of the 90’s and her glamourous, sophisticated, mothering and eclectic style of today.

I scoured the web and found an array of her styles and love that she can pull them all off effortlessly.

Which is your fave Gwen style? Personally, I love her rocker style.

Dreaming in Japanese …


Throughout middle and high school, I had a Japanese pen pal – Miwako. We sent each other gifts a few times a year. She’d send me seaweed cookies and Hello Kitty gear. I’d send her American magazines and makeup. I still have all of her letters, pictures and trinkets she sent me in a box at my mom’s house.

But when she and I went to college we lost track of each other. I’d love to find her. So, I’m dedicating today’s post to my long lost pen pal Miwako, who I dream of visiting one day. (I also dream of dressing like a harajuku girl – don’t you?)

Natural (store bought) kid treats …


For the longest time, I tried hard to not give Kai any sugar-laden treats. Now that he’s getting a bit older, it’s hard to keep them away from him. I mean, I can’t deny the poor kid of the joys and sweetness of childhood. But I can deny him of the impurities people are putting into food.

Here are some of my favorite natural treats that I give him. Yes, they have sugar, but … oh well.

The white room …


As I have posted before – I love white rooms (with a splash of color). I love how clean they feel. And when you have an active four-year-old boy anything that gives an impression of clean is welcome feeling.

I finally have my office/den/kid tv room all white. My dining room is almost there (I’m still on the hunt for a white dining table).

Here are some photos of white rooms that inspire me. What is your design style? What kinds of rooms inspire you?

Retro bathing suits …


It’s the time of year for all of the bathing suits to be on sale – 70% off baby!

I tried some on this past weekend, with no avail.

But although, I don’t think I could pull off one of these retro swimsuits, I still adore them. Don’t you?