Q&A with Kelly

Where do you live?
In Orlando

How many kids do you have?
One – my son, Kai, age 4.

How many husbands do you have?
ha! One – Alex. I met him when I was 19 and he was 20. We’ve been together ever since and married in 2002.

What are your passions?
First and foremost: writing!

I also love to travel, paint, decorate my home, dig in my garden, practice ashtanga yoga and ride my bike.

My family is also really big on natural living – from eating healthy, organic food to purchasing products and materials for our home that are sustainable and chemical-free.

What do you love about your house?
My house is a celebration of my family and me and I think of it as an evolving art project. I’m proud that I’ve made almost everything that hangs on the walls. If I could change one thing about the house, I’d knock down the wall dividing the dining and living rooms to open up the space. I think it’d make the house even more inviting.

What is your vice?
I have two: jellybeans and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Red or white wine?
Neither. I have pirate blood – I’m all about the rum! However, I will drink white wine or beer if no rum is available.

What magazines do you read?
ReadyMade, Parenting, Working Mother, Parents, Family Circle, Popular Science, Science Illustrated, Islands, Caribbean Travel + Life, Florida Travel + Life, Lucky, Glamour, Real Simple, and O.

What is your signature dish that you bring to parties?
Spinach dip in a bread bowl. (I stole the recipe from my mom!)

What is something you don’t love?

Email me at kellyjoyloves@gmail.com

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5 responses to “Q&A with Kelly

  1. Hullo! I enjoyed reading this and I will visit often. You are definitely a pirate and pirates need to make plans with fellow pirates from the south, yargh. Perhaps we could bring our bikes up to your area & follow your favourite path? Deal? XOXO

  2. Congrats on your blog. I love your quick bits of information and tips. Light-hearted and lovely, just like you.

    All the best,

  3. Ohh, love rum too! 🙂

    Great to learn more about you and your fab blog!

  4. Hello, I am trying to locate the fabric that you showed on an owl pillow, it was very bright colors with large retro looking flowers and owls, on a white background. Do you have an recolection of this and if so, where or who the fabric designer was. Thanks so much !! Bonnie . . . ps love your blog !!!

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