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Cloth napkins and kitchen towels …


Stoplight – Napkins, set of 2 (white on GO green)

One thing my family does that is not green is use paper towels. With a three-year old (almost four – Kai would be devastated if I didn’t share this fact) in my house, paper towels and napkins are so convenient. I’ve been conscious of these anti-green products in my house for quite sometime. Lately, I’ve been trying to consume less of them by using towels and rags to clean up messes. I mean, I still use paper occasionally, so don’t shoot me if you come into my house and see me with a roll of paper towels by my kitchen sink, but I am using them less frequently – and that’s a start, right?

I sifted through Etsy and found these cute screen printed kitchen towels and napkins that might encourage you (and me!) to use less paper products!

If you’re feeling really artsy, here’s a link to re-nest.com that teaches you how to make your own no-sew cloth napkins

four organic napkins – little pig print in black and red

Simple Sprouts Napkins – Set of 4

Spring-themed animal napkins, sunshine yellow, set of 4

two organic cotton napkins – brown henna blossom

Dutch Heart – linen tea towel (cherry)

Circles in Orange Screen Printed Kitchen Towel