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The importance of play-dates …


(I didn’t take pics this weekend and of his play-dates, but so, I hope you enjoy this one of him taken at the beach a few weeks ago.)

This weekend, Kai had two play-dates – one with his life-long friend Charlie and one with his school friend Tyler. This is the first time Tyler’s mom and I set up a play-date together and I’m so glad we did.

To help build the boys’ confidence at school, both Tyler’s mom and I thought it be a good idea to get them together. If you build bonds outside of school, then the school experience can only enhance. The kids hopefully will then want to go to school – and if they want to go to school then they will be more likely perform better. It means a lot to me for Kai to enjoy school so he can succeed. Sure, some may call me a helicopter mom, but I really believe it’s important to think about these things, especially at an early age because this is when the foundation begins.